Must-Have Plastering Tools to Get the Job Done

It goes without saying that having the proper tools may make all the difference in a specialised trade skill such as plastering. The best plastering tools not only expedite the work process but also produce superior results and may add an extra level of quality to your project.

We’ll review the tools we believe are essential to complete the task, from trowels and snips to drills and saws.

Finishing Trowel

The finishing trowel, such as the pointing trowel, is an essential piece of equipment for every plasterer. It uses a larger, flatter blade to smooth the plaster more efficiently and gives all of your surfaces a smooth finish. Considering how frequently you’ll use this instrument, spending money on a high-quality one makes sense.

Mortar Stand

You would think this one is obvious, but it’s another straightforward item that can make things a little bit simpler on the job site. A mortar stand is a compact, collapsible table you may use to house your grout or plastering supplies so you can easily access them while working. Don’t disregard the straightforward Nela plastering tools since they might be really helpful!

Mixing Bucket

A bucket will be useful in a number of ways, much as the mortar stand. Depending on your exact needs, a bucket of at least 15 litres should be adequate in the majority of situations. You must maintain your bucket clean and dry before combining any plastering ingredients before beginning any plastering project.


Modern plastering always requires a good set of snips, mostly since you’ll probably need to trim and cut your beading. Make certain that the snips you select can cut both commonly used types of beading metal, cold steel, and stainless steel. Additionally, larger handles on your snips can provide you with additional leverage and make clipping up beading much simpler. A sturdy set of snips should be a part of any plasterer’s toolkit.


The scarifier, a large metal comb that lets you chip away at the render before applying your second layer, is the last item on our list. A scarifier is a crucial tool for every plasterer since it enables you to comb lines straight into the render, strengthening the relationship with the subsequent layer. We would definitely advise making an investment in one of these if you want to finish your walls and ceilings with high-quality material.

Post Author: Kiera Clay