A Guide to Stand Alone Living Space – Some Options

When a growing family needs more living space, the traditional way is to extend the building; either a single or two-storey extension on the rear of the property and you have the space you need. Yet there are alternatives in stand-alone structures, which we examine in this short article.

Container Homes

A collection of twenty- and forty-foot sea containers can be used to create a stunning home; start with a concrete base, pipe in the utilities and the contractor builds the units off-site and when everything is ready, a mobile crane sites the units and you are good to go! A single container is perfect for a home office or study room for the kids and should you ever decide to relocate, you take the unit with you! Make the base a lot larger and use Trex decking to create a pleasant exterior living area and you have a great home. This is not a cheap alternative to bricks and mortar and with the right cladding, your container home will look stunning, while you’ll have all the mod cons inside your container home. There are specialist companies that take empty containers and create custom homes; be prepared to pay about the same as a bricks-and-mortar solution.

Modular Units

Not made from containers, a modular structure could be made of timber, with or without a steel frame; a concrete base needs to be in place when the unit arrives. Google ‘modular homes near me’ to find a contractor that designs, builds and erects modular structures; prices vary depending on quality and we recommend choosing a composite solution, which requires little or no maintenance. A single person could live comfortably in a cabin design, while a larger unit is perfect for a couple and you get to design the structure.

Prefabricated Homes

These come in kit form and with a self-build you can save a lot on labour costs, they are some creative small businesses that offer eco-friendly bamboo homes and full solar energy supply; once again, you need to build the base and when everything is in place, the contractor will deliver the unit in kit form and away you go!

The first thing to do is see how much space you have, then calculate a budget for what you have in mind; Whether a complete home or extra living space, there are quite a few options and we do recommend you choose something eco-friendly.

Spend a few hours Googling the above and you’ll get a clearer picture of what is available and you can certainly do something out of the box!

Post Author: Kiera Clay