Improve HVAC Systems With Media Filters: Check This Overview!

Homeowners often do not realize that HVAC units are versatile in terms of performance. Besides heating & cooling the house, HVAC systems can be effectively used to keep a check and improve indoor environment & quality. A good option is to consider a media filter. A standard HVAC unit may not be capable on its own to remove contaminants like dander, dust, and pollen, but with media filters, you can actually improve indoor air by many levels. Here is a look at relevant aspects of media filter HVAC.

‘How do I know if indoor air quality is compromised?’

That’s often the first question that people have in mind. In general, indoor air should be tested by professional HVAC contactors at least once in six months. If you have not paid attention to inspections and maintenance, you can check for some common signs, such as presence of mold and a sudden increase in allergies, sneezing, and coughing among family members. In case you have pets at home, you need to be a tad more careful, because despite best cleaning efforts, pet dander can affect indoor air. You may also find that senior parents and kids falling frequently sick than usual.

What are the benefits of HVAC media filters?

HVAC media filter is a special kind of filter that’s installed into the duct work of the HVAC unit. The filter can remove some of the common allergens and contaminants, including dust, pollen, dirt and pet dander. The air that’s circulated in the house will be cleaner, and that is a wise step for protecting the health of your family members. Media filters also keep the indoor belongings safe, especially electronic equipment & appliances. Also, these tend to be low maintenance, so unlike normal air filters, media filters don’t have to be changed as frequently. Not to forget, media filters are great for improving the functionality of the HVAC unit itself.

Finding an HVAC contractor

If you are interested in media filters, contact a reliable HVAC contractor near you and ask them for advice. They should specialize in testing and inspecting indoor air quality and must be accessible to take calls on emergency. Many HVAC contractors also offer yearly maintenance contracts, so you don’t have to worry about extensive repairs and sudden breakdowns. Get an estimate in advance before you get media filters installed and do discuss the cleaning & maintenance needs in detail.

Post Author: Kiera Clay