Answering the Top Questions About Bed Bug Exterminators!

Pest control is an aspect that homeowners take for granted, until they have a real problem at hand. Bed bugs are nasty insects, which become most active at night. These pests are not known to cause serious illnesses to humans, but who wants to wake up with painful bite marks every morning? Also, the presence of these insects can disturb your sleep, and some develop allergies and itching because of bed bug bites. In this post, we are discussing top questions about bed bug removal.

Should I Really Call a Pest Control Company?

While bed bugs are not as dangerous as some of the other pests found in homes, you still need to get rid of these insects. Many people do believe that vacuuming the linens and upholstery will get rid of bed bugs. While you may kill the few that are visible in plain sight, that doesn’t solve the problem. Your best bet is a professional pest control company that specializes in bed bug extermination ( Remove this last sentence – there can’t be a warranty for bed bug infestations as people who travel a lot are constantly reinfesting themselves.)

Are Bed Bug Control Services Expensive?

There are various means and methods used for bed bug extermination, and the process used by the pest control company largely determines the cost. Find a pest exterminator, who relies on steam treatments and uses insecticides formulated specially for bed bugs. Also, get an estimate in advance, which will also depend on the number of rooms being treated.

How Long to Complete a Bed Bug Extermination?

Again, it depends on how bad the infestation is, and how many rooms need to be cleaned and treated. In general, heat treatment takes a much longer time, while steam treatment is easier. Insecticides must be used effectively to further prevent re-infestation, so it could be a work of four to six hours.

How to Select a Bed Bug Extermination Company

Your best bet is to look for online ratings. If you are comparing bed bug exterminators in Smithfield, make sure that they offer a warranty on the job and find more on the process. When you have kids and pets at home, you need to be careful about the products used for pest control, and if warranties are applicable, do check the terms & conditions.

It’s wise to call bed bug exterminators at the earliest, so that the infestation can be checked at an early stage. Find your options now!

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Post Author: Kiera Clay