5 Features That all Modern Homes Should Have

Whether you’re building a home from scratch or renovating your current home to bring it up to date, this can be an excellent chance to create a modern home with lots of useful features. If you need inspiration for some features to add to your home, here are some ideas.

  1. Indoor/outdoor spaces

Blur the line between indoors and outdoors by adding spaces such as:

  • An outdoor lounge
  • An outdoor kitchen and dining area
  • Bifold doors that open into the garden, making your home feel breezy on summer days
  • A decking area with an outdoors bar for mingling and entertaining

If you live somewhere with lots of sunshine, this means you can feel like you’re enjoying the outdoors, even on days when you are stuck at home.

  1. A home gym

Why waste money on a gym membership when you can workout at home? Home gyms don’t have to be huge. There are lots of folding and compact machines you can buy, as well as ones that have multiple functions, so you don’t need a lot of space for a full body workout.

  1. Spa bathrooms

Don’t settle for a tiny ensuite. If you are building your own home or extending, consider dedicating some space for a spa bathroom. With a long soaking tub and walk in shower, plus plenty of space for pampering, they’re ideal place to unwind. Work with designer home builders Canberra and you can create the perfect space to relax when you need it most.

  1. A home cinema

Home cinemas are more than just a passing trend. With a lot of people now spending more time at home with friends, rather than going out, having a place where you can watch a movie together is a lot of fun and saves you money on nights out.

  1. A dressing room

The perfect companion to a spa bathroom, a dressing room is a great addition to your master suite. It can function as a walk-in closet too, and means your bedroom is free of clothes and makeup, as you have your own space for all that stuff.

When you’re planning your dream home, why not add some unique modern features like the ones above? They make your life easier and also add value to your property, so if you decide to sell in the future, you have a unique selling point and can attract buyers easily. 

Post Author: Kiera Clay