You Can’t Put a Price On Your Family’s Safety.

Some of us are quite fortunate to have our own swimming pools and the pool may have come with the property when you first purchased it, or you may have built it yourself later. Whatever the circumstances, it is a great feeling to be able to go for a swim at any time of the day or night and it is also a great way to get the family together as one, to strengthen the bond. However, with a swimming pool comes a lot of responsibility with regard to the safety of your family members and those that you invite round to enjoy your swimming pool. You might have a look at your swimming pool and think that it’s perfectly safe, but there can be a lot going on that you are not aware of and for this, you need to hire a professional.

There are a number of service providers who can provide pool inspections in Stanhope Gardens and there are service professionals that you should call out to check that everything is okay with your swimming pool. You can’t start complaining about the price of an inspection when you compare that to an injury while using your swimming pool or even the loss of a life. When they come out to your home, they can check for the following things.

  1. A secure pool ladder – This is how your family and friends climb into and out of the swimming pool and so it is incredibly important that it is securely in place. You need to remember that the nuts and bolts that are holding it in place are generally under the surface of the water and so are prone to rust and decay. If someone were to stumble getting in or out of the pool and hit their head on the hard type of surface, then they can easily slip under the water without anyone noticing. Your pool inspector will make sure that everything is as it should be and if it isn’t, they will bring your attention to so that you can get it addressed.
  1. In-place pool tiles – There are multiple tiles use in and around the swimming pool and so it seems logical that some of them are going to come loose and crack. Small child or even adult running around a swimming pool can catch their feet on one of these tiles which can cause a nasty cut. You will find that use pool tiles can happen on the surface of the pool as well and this can cause water to escape. You might find that your water bills keep increasing every month and the level of the pool keeps going down. This could result in a sizeable water bill and so it is best to get these tiles fixed as soon as possible.

These are only two of the many things that your pool inspector will look for when checking that your swimming pool is up to code. You can’t put a price on safety and so be sure to book an inspection as soon as possible to keep you and your family members safe.

Post Author: Kiera Clay