Purchasing a House and Real Estate Agents

In late 2013, we chose following 43 years in our first home the time had come to down size our home. We were given booklets intended to reveal to me how to sell and purchase a home. These originated from realtors and companions. We read these to get ready ourselves admirably well for something that we had not done previously. (We had purchased land and fabricated our sole home).

I might want to enlighten you concerning our involvement in the realtors when we went to purchase another home. We knew, by notoriety probably, that they will in general exaggerate with regards to portraying a property. In any case, what we discovered is that they don’t tune in to what you state as to such a home you need to purchase. I invest energy assembling what may be our optimal home, realizing that may be a “Pure fantasy” wish. I messaged a duplicate to every specialist who was searching for us. The following is the shorter adaptation of the list of things to get.

Our Wish List

Our first inclination is a low set block house on a level square around 400m2 in territory.

We would consider a one level condo.


• At least 3 rooms;

• An examination;

• 2 washrooms;

• 1 separate latrine;

• Double/two carports with controller opening;

• Covered porch;

• A/C and fans in primary rooms;

• Security screens and entryways in addition to stops;

• Flyscreens;

• Kitchen with isolated eating region;

• Lots of extra room;

• Easy to think about nursery;

• Solar high temp water and power boards and tank/s discretionary;

Anyway there were a few highlights that were not debatable that appeared to establish no genuine connection.

The non-negotiables were:

• The house was to be one level.

• It must be on a level square.

• It required two restrooms since we frequently watched grandkids.

• Two latrines;

• We favored two carports.

This not tuning in or perusing our list of things to get cost us many squandered hours and numerous kilometers of squandered fuel in our vehicle. We got to a phase that, with each suggestion we got through email or phone, we would initially check where it was on a guide to check whether the region was alluring and afterward, before any assessment, we would head to the house to look at it and to see the overall environs of the house. At exactly that point would we choose to investigate.

Post Author: Kiera Clay