Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Roofing

When you are in charge of things like the roofing for your commercial premises, you will be expected to know your stuff, some do, some don’t, either way brushing up on a bit of knowledge around what you can expect to gain when purchasing commercial roofing in Australia. Not all roofing is the same and nor are the companies that sell it, you will find various advantages wherever you go ranging from;

Metal roofing, a quick overview

Not many people will need to ask the question of, what is metal roofing, however, it is not as daft of a question as you may think, especially when it comes to commercial premises. If you didn’t already know, metal roofing is actually the most popular product for commercial property owners and managers.

The systems that are used for commercial metal roofing in Perth usually consist of overlapping metal, some use metal, whereas others use roof shingles that are fastened to a substrate. One of the most popular types of systems is called a standing seam construction method.

Standing seam metal roof

If you are not familiar with standing seam metal roof systems, they can be described as the following; A standing seam metal roofing system is sometimes known as a “concealed fastener” roof, when panel seams are secured to a solid roof deck or open framework with hidden clips or flanges.

Some standing seam metal roofs employ a seam cap, whilst others (mechanically seamed panels) make use of an in-field mechanical seamer to form a “double-lock” seam.

A standing seam metal roof includes the following distinct design features:

  1. Fitting is usually very straight forward
  2. Costs are very competitive
  3. Looks are really good
  4. Less maintenance


In order to supply the customer with what they want, there are numerous styles available that all encompass the same method of fixing as the other standing seam variants, some of the names and designs you may see are;

  • ‘R Panel by Berrigde Mfg,
  • Batter panel by Berridge Mfg
  • Double Rib by Berridge Mfg.
  • Bermuda Panel by Berridge Mfg.
  • Metal Spanish Tile by Berridge Mfg.
  • Metal S Tile by Berridge Mfg.

Kind of makes sense really

The features of benefits of metal roofing for a commercial premises are very clear, a new roof could make all the difference to this year’s books in terms an outgoing maintenance costs and or subsequent repairs, make a call to one of your local specialists to see how they work.

Post Author: Kiera Clay