Bringing More Customers into Your Bar

Running a bar has become more difficult due to Covid, so you’ll no doubt want to bring in as many customers as you can. While it can be tough to bring in a new crowd, there are ways you can make your business a more interesting place for locals to check out, and here are some tips to get more footfall into your establishment.

Add satellite TV to your bar

Many people still visit bars to see the big game. This is especially true during major tournaments, as they aren’t always shown on normal TV. It’s worth getting a TV aerial company in Ayrshire to see if they can install satellite TV in your bar. This gives you a captive audience when the football, rugby, cricket, or other event is on, and brings in a crowd.

Have special offers running

Everyone likes a bargain, and bars can run a number of special promotions:

  • Drink deals – such as happy hour or buy one get one free
  • Deals on food
  • Themed nights
  • Deals for groups

The key thing is to bring people in with the deals, and then get them to spend money at your bar, therefore helping you turn a healthy profit.

Bars have been impacted greatly by the pandemic, so you’ll no doubt want to find ways to bring customers in. Make sure you’re offering all you can to potential customers, from live sport to great deals, and you’ll no doubt see more people coming through the doors, which means better profits.

Post Author: Kiera Clay