A skip is perfect when you are doing some new renovations

It might be that you are having some welcome additions done to your home and so with building and were moving comes items that you no longer need. It might be that you are removing the old windows in your home and replacing them with UPVC ones or it might be that you’re getting the oil carpets ripped up and new ones getting put down. Whatever your reason, these types of things need to be put somewhere, so that they can be taken away later.

This is when hiring skips is an essential service because otherwise, we would have to try to put everything in the car and take it to the local refuse site. Depending on the amount of work that has to be done and the amount of things that need to be taken away, there are certain skips that you can choose from like the 4 yard skip in Lewisham for the bigger jobs and the following are just two others.

  • The mini skip – This is perfect when there are not a lot of things to throw way and because of its size, it can be placed quite close to your property so that you don’t have to carry things very far.
  • The walk-in skip – This type of skip is perfect because you can actually physically carry large items like old wardrobes and kitchen units directly into the skip. This means that there is less likelihood of you hurting yourself as you try to lift it in.

If you have some new renovations coming up or some other type of building work, then make sure that you book your skip early because they are incredibly popular.

Post Author: Kiera Clay