7 Ways of Cleaning Your Dishwasher

Many of you must be having a dishwasher installed at your home, however do you regularly clean and maintain them? Often people think that dishwater does not need any extra cleaning as it usually gets cleaned when it is used.

However, after long usage your dishwasher my accumulate food debris that can affect the performance of your Whirlpool dishwasher.

Therefore, you need to get your dishwasher regularly cleaned and maintained and following are 7 ways of doing that.

  • Wash regularly

You must run your dishwasher regularly to ensure that it is free from any build up and debris and they do not settle in the bottom. In addition to that, once in a year you must get your dishwasher thoroughly cleaned.

  • Empty the dishwasher

It is important that always you must run your dishwasher for complete cycle and also you must empty all dishes from your appliance.

This will allow you to get easier access to entire dishwasher and you will be able to do the required maintenance correctly.

  • Inspect and clean spinning arms

All dishwashers will spray water out from their spinning arms on the dishes placed inside. If those arms do not spin properly or there are holes in them and full of buildup, then your dishes will not get thoroughly cleaned.

So, regularly check and ensure that arms spin properly and clean out all debris that get accumulated inside holes by using small wire piece, a toothpick, or by using small pliers.

  • Clean edges and exterior

Often smell coming from the dishwasher will actually come from outside areas around your appliance. All the edges around the door may not get properly washed during regular cycle. Use the regular household cleaner to clean all the edges.

  • Unclog and clean the drain

Drain is usually at bottom of dishwasher and in this area usually food debris or other buildup may get accumulated. You may have to dismantle the drain to clean it properly

  • Use an acid for removing buildup

You must get rid of water deposits and other buildup present in your dishwasher and therefore select any acids to run them through for a short cycle.

  • Remove mildew

During last cycle, it will always be nice to use bleach in your dishwasher, if you want to remove mold or mildew developed after long usage.

Unless you have stainless steel interior or door, bleaching during finishing touch will always maintain spotless dishwasher. This will offer you completely sanitized dishes whenever you run your appliance.

Post Author: Kiera Clay